Buffalo Fighting Festival

In Phu Tho, there area a few communes organizing the buffalo fighting festival, for example, Chu Hoa commune (Lam Thao district), Phu Ninh commune (Phu Ninh district) and Hoang Cuong commune (Thanh Ba district).

Chu Hoa commune has two villages, namely Chu Khong Thuong and Chu Khong Ha. The commune assigns each village to buy a buffalo. In the morning of the 12th of lunar July annually, the two villages take two buffaloes to the communal house for sacrifice, then take them to a hedged paddy field for fighting. Before the battle, two buffaloes drink wine. On the next day, they will be killed for sacrifice.

Phu Ninh Commune opens the buffalo fighting festival on the 5th of lunar May annually. The commune has 4 villages. Each village takes a buffalo to the place where happens the festival. The fighting field covers an area of about 100 m2 hedged around. Buffaloes are washed carefully. Before the battle, each buffalo drinks a half liter of wine. Two losers will be killed on that day while two winners will be killed on the 10th of lunar October.

Hoang Cuong commune organizes the festival on the 7th of lunar January. The battle happens in the communal house’s yard hedged around. Before the battle, buffaloes also drink wine.