The O Loan Lagoon Festival

Tourists on their ways to the South or to the North, arriving at the area of Tuy An district, Phu Yen province standing on the top of Quan Cau pass or those travelling by trains through the country can enjoy the beauty of a National Level Vestige of Landscape with the name of Black Dragon Lagoon.

Every year, on 7th lunar January in the exciting atmosphere of spring, people in the local area and from many other places in the province come here for the festival. The festival is of traditional cultural features, and organized with many exciting, varied activities such as: boat racing, net-throwing for fishing, basket-boat shaking, swimming, dancing, classical theatre, wrestling, etc. All these are happening in the echoes of many kinds of ethnic musical instruments such as drums, bugles, one-stringed musical instrument, etc.

The festival also expresses the private features of the inhabitants in Tuy An coastal areas with concepts like: religious beliefs, worshipping the gods in the local area: The Sea God, the Lagoon God, the River God, etc. wishing for all the activities of cultivation, livestock farming, fishing to be successful in a new year. The annual festival only takes place in one day but attracts thousands of people inside and outside the province.