Dancing festival

The religious life of the Dao ethnic people has various practices like the worshiping of the ancestor of the Dao ethnic people called Ban Vuong worshiping, the festival on creating names for men and dancing festival. The Dao ethnic people in Phu Tho consider the festival as the God, Buddha and Genie thanking festival.

Dancing festival is different in the Dao Tien and the Dao Quan Chet. The Dao Tien people organize the festival from the fifteenth to the twenty seventh of the 12th lunar month. In preparations for the dancing festival, the host has to ask for a favor from villagers, who help him prepare drum and gong, whittle knife-shaped lance, sword and review folk songs. During the festival, total 120 turns of dances are performed.

The festival is the great cultural life guiding human to kindness, linking people and making them happy and believe in the life in the future.