Swinging Festival

Swinging is a kind of game for boys and girls and it is also a healthy game well-known in festivals in the new year’s days.

The game is organized under two forms: flight swinging and water wheel swinging. The first is popularly played by the Kinh people across the country while the latter is popular only in villages of ethnic minority groups.

Flight swinging is played in such a way that a girl and a boy standing on the swing with face confronting face. Their hands seize two bamboo bodies put vertically.The two players make greatest efforts to crouch so that the swing can fly as high as possible from this side to the other like a pendulum of a clock.

On the 3rd of lunar March annually, a number of pretty and beautiful girls will be selected to take part in the water-wheel swinging. Those girls are called “fairies” wearing colorful clothing with colorful threads and strips.