Tran Thuong Temple Festival

Tran Thuong temple was built in Tran Thuong hamlet, Nhan Dao commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province. This is the temple dedicated to King Tran Hung Dao. Like many other temples worshiping King Tran Hung Dao, each year, Tran Thuong temple also organizes the festival on the 20th of the lunar 8th month.
Vietnamese people have two big anniversaries: The Father's (King Tran) and the Mother's (Lieu Hanh - on the third lunar month).
The festival is officially organized in three days. However, it is usually extended longer due to the great number of visitors.

On the three main days, there are many activities taking place, such as procession, worshiping, swimming, chess, and cards. People are most interested in the chess competition. The competitors are village dignitaries who have good family background and the oldest man will be the officiating priest. This man will ask for the King's permission before bring the chessboard to the yard, in front of the incense-table and pray 3 times. Then the competition starts. The competitors are dress like general in Tran's army. The winner will be chosen after a round of incense. When the competition ends, the chessboard are cleaned by the water in the temple and put on the incense-table. The chess game is held in commemorate the talent of Tran Hung Dao in directing the army and his intelligent strategies.
Tran Thuong temple festival is one of the three big festivals in Ha Nam. The festival is the pilgrimage to the source of Ha Nam people as well as the whole nation.