Danh Phet Festival

Danh Phet Festival is played in such a way that the player uses a stick to beat a ball which is made of jack timber and as big as a football so that the ball can roll.

Players of the game will be divided into two teams with the number of participants in each team unlimited. There are two round and deep holes dug on the beginning and ending points of the playing ground. Each team owns a hole. In the middle of the ground, another hole that is shallower than the two others is dug. The ball will be put into this hole. Each player takes a bamboo stick which is as long as a shoulder pole. Players use them to beat the ball so that it will roll into their hole. Players believe that they will have a profitable year if they win in the game.

In Hien Quan commune, Tam Thanh district, the game is organized on the 13th of lunar January. There will have three matches under strict rule. Finishing a match, players run around the playing ground for few times, then take a rest before beginning the next match.

The Danh Phet Festival in Son Vi commune of Lam Thao district is quite different. Phet ball is made of ironwood so it is very heavy. In the middle of the playing ground, a hole whose diameter is 1.5m is dug. The priest delivers the Phet speech, then drops the ball into the hole, in which two players of two teams will fight to secure the ball. After the two players get off the hole, players begin fighting to secure the ball. On the first day of the new lunar year, there has a match. On the second day, there have two more matches and on the final day of the festival, there will happen three matches.