Ba Den mountain festival

Ba Den mountain - a nice and high mountain amid southern plain, 11 kilometres far from Tay Ninh town - is a celebrated lanscape making anyone who used used to have opportunity to come to Tay Ninh once can help calling in at.

Ba mountain places between two rivers Vam Co Dong and Sai Gon. Its peak is covered by white clouds. Around side of the mountain are sparkling streams. Many stepping-stones are arranged accumulatively creating caves in the mountain. Here, there is Dau Tieng Lake - the nicest, biggest and most modern hydraulic engineering in our country now. Just climbing to mid - mountain, visitors can observe the whole construction.

Many heroic stories related to Ba mountain that have become legends of Tay Ninh people during two wars of resistance against Franch and America. In memory of revolutionary fighters who died here, people constructed a big solemn statuary at the foot of the mountain. At the half way of the mountain, there is a temple - where worships Linh Son Thanh Mau. The legend of Ba mountain (or Black Ba mountain) told that: there was a girl named Denh who was a devotee to Buddhism. Due to being forced to get married to a person when did not love, she left her home to hide in a mountain for becoming a Buddhist nun and died there. Later, under the rule of Nguyen court, the Kings Nguyen ordered to cast her statue with black copper and nominated her to be "Linh Son Thanh Mau".

When the Lunar New Year comes, especially on -the fifteenth day of each month, pilgrims arrive here to worship and see sights very crowded. It is believed that, coming here to worship, anyone could have reached the summit of his hopes, both satisfy his spiritual need and visit grandiose landscape of Ba mountain.

On the way to mountain, some segments are built into steps making convenient for visitors; other segments are below shadow of trees or go around fresh brooks. Linh Son Thanh Mau temple lies on the mid of the mountain, visitors arrive here to sacrifice and relax, then continue to climb upper by rut if they are still strong enough. The pagoda treats everybody to vegetarian food. You can eat without fee or contribute on public, virtue fun of the pagoda depending on your generosity. Even when visitors would like to stay here for one or two days, the pagoda still treats you warmly. Climbing up the mountain top is Son Than Shrine. Here, you can see the whole grandiose mountainous area amid an extensive plain. Visiting Ba mountain, it is possible for you to satisfy your need in making a study in revolutionary tradition as well as people here. In Kim, Quang caves, many images and exhibits reflecting the process of living and struggling of primary party branche and Tay Ninh people during the period of opposing America are shown here. In Hang pagoda, a series of images of special products and economic activities of Tay Ninh province are also displayed. Besides, visitor who would like to see maps, diagrams introducing about struggle process of Tay Ninh people and troops at Ba mountain... can go to traditional house...

In recent years, Black Ba mountain festival has really become the place attracting plentiful of pilgrims on spring days of sunshine fulfillment.