Tourism Zone of Da River

Tours to Da river in Son La will take tourists in Vietnam travel to century works, helps you discover the ancient the prehistoric period of the mankind by watching and studying antiquities, takes you to imposing natural landscapes with high mountains, large rivers, evergreen forests and waterfalls, and takes you to honest and hospitable people, profound cultures.

Da river is 280 km long and possesses 32 small and big estuaries. The river has long been a trading path between Son La people in particular and people of the Northwest groups in general with lowlanders.

Rowing upstream Da river, you will reach Van Yen, Ta Hoc and Ta Bu ports. Rowing along Bo market to Ta Bu, you will reach the area of the Hoa Binh Hydro-electricity, where locates many beautiful caves. You will discover the cultural life of such ethnic minority groups as Thai, Kh’Mu, La Ha, Xinh Mun and Dao. Each group has its own cultural identity and customs in addition to common features, for example, the honesty, hospitality and harmonization. Ethnic people usually gather in on-river market-days. Living over night in house on stilts of ethnic people in the lake area of Da river, you will enjoy ethnic specialties and the sweet flavor of ruou can, and dance with ethnic people, listen to legendaries and the legend of Da river told by old people

The lake area of Da river is a good overnight resting place for your north-west tours.