Son Moc Huong Cave

Son Moc Huong Cave or Bat Cave has been well-known by a large number of visitors to Moc Chau. It is a work of art, a national beauty spot which the nature granted the Moc Chau Plateau.

The Bat Cave is situated on the right mountainous area which is 150 meters far from the national way No. 6 when driving from Moc Chau to Son La town. The cave has a southerly aspect. Below the cave is a large valley in which locates 7 small mountains like 7 gems.

It is said that in the old times there was a dragon flying to the south. When flying across this valley, the coldness killed the dragon. Before its death, the dragon spat out 7 gems which changed into 7 mountains and itself transformed into a rocky mountain row with its eyes gazing at 7 gems.

The interior architecture of the cave is very nice. From the ceiling of the cave hangs down twinkling 7-colour stalactites which form naturally without the building of the human. Many stalactites are 20 meters long. They look like roots of an ancient banian-tree. Others look like kapok, god, elephant, tiger, lion, varan, eagle and masses of cloud. In the middle of the cave, there is a 200-m2 lake without water in which a big stone tortoise is standing. On the left side of the lake, there is a affectionate couple. The legend said that a water prince loved an inland princess. The prince rode the tortoise of his father to visit the princess. The father of the prince was very angry and ordered his naiad to absorb water so that the prince could not return to his home. The prince was not worried and remained his decision to get married to the princess. The couple changed into stone to prove their faithful and everlasting love. Sympathizing with the love of the prince, the tortoise also changed into stone so that it could forever serve the couple.

Attracted by the marvelous and beautiful architecture and the mythology of the cave, many visitors remarked, “This is the most beautiful cave of the west.” The cave has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a national relic.

If you are in Vietnam travel and visit Son La, this is a very attractive destination and a must-see place in your tours.