Historic Epitaph of Que Lam Ngu Che

Locating in the center of Son La town is a historic cultural relic, that is the Epitaph of Que Lam Ngu Che - the written document of King Le Thai Tong - a great talent.

In May 1440, after the King and his generals and soldiers defeated the enemy in the North-west area and took a rest in the La Cave or called Tham Ke by local people, he composed a poem named “Que Lam Ngu Che” and carved it on a vertical cliff on the entrance of the cave with all of his feelings about the peaceful beauty of the cave.

The relic was discovered in 1965 and recognized by the Ministry of Culture as a national relic in February 5th 1994. The relic proved a glorious history of the talented King.

After reading the epitaph, watching the water-color of Son La town, please visit Bao Ke Cave. You will feel cool and calm once stepping into the cave. Locating at the entrance of the cave is a deep pond constituted by broken stone. In the middle of the pond, there is a stone alligator trying to catch a quarry. On the bank of the pond, there are a playing stone monkey and a thinking stone frog. Walking farther, you will reach the inside of the cave. The cave is 5 meters wide, 20 meters long and 6 meters high. From the ceiling of the cave hang down stalactites which constitute twinkling lamps.

Leaving the cave, turning on the right and walking for 200 meters, tourists in Vietnam travel will reach the Temple worshipping King Le Thai Tong. The temple was built in September 2001 and inaugurated in January 22nd 2003. The temple is built on the area of 800 square meters with the traditional architecture of ancient temples of Vietnam.

Dedicating an incense to worship King Le Thai Tong and his soldiers, you will feel calmer than ever and forget your tiredness and sadness.