Giang Stream (Suối Giàng)

The climate in Suoi Giang is as favourable as in Sa Pa, Da Lat. Visitors come here can find themselve relaxing minutes in natural landscape, in pure scent of paddy-field, corn field … in dew.

Suoi Giang Site is situated on the height of 800 – 1000m above the sea level, 20km from Nghia Lo Town. This site is home to age-old tea trees. With the temperature in summer is around 30-32oC, and very pure air, Suoi Giang Site is suitable for tourism relaxation, sightseeing and exploring the cultural life of H’Mong Ethnic Group.

Standing here visitors in Vietnam travel can have full view of spacious yellow paddy-fields of Muong Lo – the second largest granary in the North-West of Viet Nam and peaceful villgages of 13 ethnic groups. You can pick tender tea leaves by yourself from over 100 year old tea trees, wander in Po mu forests or visit Tap Lang waterfall.

Suối Giàng eco- tourism site is blured in cloud for the whole year round. Come here tourists in Vietnam travel can enjoy the sweet taste of cedar tea, pure honey, enjoy passionate khèn, flute melodies, love songs of Hmong people.