By cyclo

Vietnam has many transport options, available at various price ranges and suitable for traveling varied distances. Apart from the conventional buses, trains and taxis, there is the Vietnam cyclo service, which is probably the most enjoyable one and adds a touch of heritage to the Vietnam transportation.

The concept of cyclo is common to most Asian countries and is the ideal way to get the best out of your trip. You can experience the real essence of Vietnam, meet the people and see their cultures from as close as possible. Cyclo in Vietnam is also referred to as 'pedicabs'. The advantages of availing the Vietnam Cyclo Service are many:

- Vietnamese Cyclos, are in itself a reflection of the country's heritage.
- Cyclos can take you to every nook and corner of the place.
- Instead of whizzing past interesting sights, you can actually observe them at ease.
- Its slower place makes it easier for you to take photographs.
- They are very convenient for short distances.
- Most importantly they are cheaper than the other means of transport.

The Cyclo Service in Vietnam is mostly used by tourists. Cyclos are not available everywhere on the streets of Vietnam, hence you have look around a little before you find one. However it is easier to find cyclos near the places of interest and sometimes near the hotels. An important point to note before riding a cyclo is that you must settle the price before hand, as the drivers charge much higher at times.

So next time you are walking down the streets of Vietnam and you hear the sound of bells behind, be sure it's the Vietnamese cyclos. So all you have to do is just hop on and have a great time.