By Bus

Vietnam bus travel allows the people to reach almost all parts of the country. All the major cities in Vietnam are connected by bus services. They are availed by both tourists and people traveling for work. Long distance buses mostly start the journey or travel by night. This is done to avoid the heavy traffic and the late afternoon rains which make long distance travel troublesome. There are bus stations in almost all the cities of Vietnam. These are especially used by the public buses. In the comparatively big places the bus stations are usually not in the centre of the town which results in the use of local transport. Bus travel in Vietnam allows the tourists and the locals to interact with each other.

There are open tour buses which arranged by the travel companies. These are mostly for the tourists and are one of the cheapest modes of Vietnam Transportation. They usually charge around $20 to $25 for a trip from Hanoi, Vietnam to Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam. These buses usually drop the tourists to their desired hotels which are not available with the public bus services. These open tour bus trips allow the people to break up the journey and visit a place of their choice before availing a bus of the same company to the final destination. Facilities like these make the bus trips attractive and Vietnam bus travel so alluring.