By motorcycle

If you are thinking of a motorcycle hire in Vietnam, do not fret. There are plenty of bike rentals in Vietnam who will be only too willing to lend you a bike for a time for something like USD 5-10 daily. The best thing about Vietnam motorcycle rentals is that the service providers won't ask for your driver's license to lend you a machine.

However, there are some Vietnam motorcycle hire agents who will ask you to deposit your passport as a security measure and also sign on a form. It is always worthwhile to exercise some prudence as regards the form that you will be asked to submit. For instance, since it is very likely that the form will be in Vietnamese, it is better that you get it translated into English or the language you are comfortable in and get a hang of what you are actually committing to.

The Vietnam motorcycle hire agents will usually be reliable but it is always advisable that you yourself check the brakes, the tires and the gas level before you hit the roads or the dirt tracks.

Besides the professional Vietnam motorcycle hire agents, you can also hire a bike from your hotel and you might also get better deals on it.

Vietnam motorcycle rentals are not hard to come by. All you need to do is locate your Vietnam motorcycle hire agent and zoom off.