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Tuan Chau International Tourism Resort - enhancing the value of Ha Long tourism brand

With a desire to develop Tuan Chau - a primitive island into a “tourism paradise and resort"; making it into a “Pearl” following Ho Chi Minh President’s recommendation at his visit to the island in 1959, Au Lac Co., Ltd in Quang Ninh (under Tuan Chau Group) has made a strong demonstration of its pioneer role in developing tourism in the province, creating a world-class trademark of Tuan Chau International Resort and Recreation Complex.

A milestone on marine tourism map

Tuan Chau Tourism area was founded in 1997 with the first project of great significance by building a road linking Tuan Chau and the National Road N018 . At first, it was said to be an adventurous and impossible project. However, the 2,145 km long and 15m wide road was completed on February 8th, 1999 after 13 months of construction with the total investment capital of over VND 80 billion. That first success marked a remarkable new development period of Tuan Chau, creating a milestone on marine tourism map of Vietnam.

After that, the Group had invested in the first Recreation Complex at national and international stature with a wide range of great works, namely the nicest and longest man-made beach in Vietnam; the 20,000m2 gastronomy garden; a range of villas, 4-star hotels with nearly 1,000 luxurious rooms that have ever been chosen to be accommodation of the domestic and foreign senior leaders and celebrities during their visit to Vietnam and Tuan Chau.

The most noticeable work is the club built unique and modern where there are performances of dolphin, seal, sea lion, and animal circus (it was firstly introduced in Vietnam in 2002).  The other component is the High-tech Water performance stage, which is able to accommodate 12,000 audiences. This is one of the milestone in the entire Tuan Chau International Resort and Recreation Complex; a place to hold national-scaled culture events, including Tourism festival, the Beauty Contest in 2004. There are also other components, such as Crocodile Performance Club and golf-course... 

Besides many successfully completed projects on recreation and resorts, Au Lac Company continues its investment in marine transport, for instance ferry route, tourist boat route of Tuan Chau-Ha Long- Cat Ba and vice versa. This is now the safest and the most convenient tourist route in the North of Vietnam and plays a very important role in linking trading activities between Quang Ninh and Hai Phong, connecting the coastal areas in nationwide in order to make a rapid developed economic belt, accelerating  the development of surrounding areas.

A marina on Pearl island

Along with waterway transport routes, a system of modern terminals and marinas were also built in accordance with European standards by the Au Lac Company. It is typical that Tuan Chau is the first artificial marina in Vietnam funded by non-State capital with synchronous and modern equipments such as air-conditioning, salon, cable television; the Internet; and bars serving businessmen and VIP guests. What is more, a system of villas, trading streets in Italian and Japanese designing style along with other luxurious recreation complex. All of these attractions make Tuan Chau the first destination for a great deal of international tourists and travel agencies including SmileViet, Viettravel, Indochina who come to visit Ha Long Bay.

In addition, the Au Lac Company is continuing to invest in other components, including supermarkets, trade centers, 4D-cinemas, Ngoc Chau marina, 18 hole-golf course, international hospital and universities, a system of luxury resorts and villas, and a system of ports linking trading activities with other countries in the region namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and China, etc. One of the largest projects is Ngoc Chau marina in the Southwest of the island. This 6-km long marina is the biggest one not only in Vietnam but also in the Southeast of Asia. It is expected to accommodate around 600-800 luxury yachts in the future, making a busy trading port and a “city in miniature” on the coast of Ha Long Bay.

According to Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen, Chairman of the Tuan Chau Group, in order to further promote Ha Long tourism, it is very necessary to build a good system of wharves to replace Bai Chay tourist wharf to conveniently serve the operation of tourist boats.  The Group, therefore, aims to complete the marina project in 2013 and comprehensively complete other components by 2015.

It is believable that Ha Long Bay marina on Tuan Chau island would be the first modern professional tourist marina in Vietnam ensuring a strong linkage between Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve and  a system of marinas in the region, creating a good connection in terms of trade and economy, culture with different countries, namely China, Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines, etc. The 8km-long marina accommodating around 2,000 boats looks like a sail heading to the open sea.

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