Lang Son- Huu Nghi

Lang Son is located far north at the 0 km landmark of National Highway 1A, more specifically at Huu Nghi Quan (Friendship Gate). This is an important transportation link between Vietnam and China. The main ethnic groups found in that area include the Kinh, Tay, Nung, Dao, and Ngai. The annual average temperature is 21.5°C with an annual humidity of 82%. Famous tourist sites include Tien Pagoda, Tien Pond, Nhat Thanh Cave, Nhi Thanh Cave, Tam Thanh Cave, and Mau Son Resort.
Lang Son is a northern province which is located on the Sino-Vietnamese border over a stretch of 253 kilometers. Lang son town is linked with Hanoi via National Highway 1A.
The capital of Lang Son, 500 meters above serve sea level, is situated on the left bank of the Ky Cung River. Opposite the town and on the far side of the river is Ky Lua Market. The market is accessible by means of the Ky Cung bridge. Standing on the bridge visitors can see a high mountain peak resembling a woman with a baby in her hands. From time immemorial, the peak has been given the name of Vong Phu (Awaiting one's husband). Legend has it that Lady To Thi with a baby in her hands stood there day after day waiting for the return of the husband who had gone to war. She waited for so long that both her and her child were petrified into stone.
Ky Lua Market is a bustling market place for good exchanges. It also serves as a rendezvous for young people of different ethnic minority groups including the Tay, the Dao, the Nung, and the Mong living in rural and mountain areas.
Dong Dang, a township on the Sino-Vietnamese border is 14 kilometers from Lang Son town. There is a special market where buffaloes and cows are on sale. Just three kilometers to the east of Dong Dang is the Huu Nghi (Friendship) border gate. As long as living memory can testify the border gate has been a major point for the exchange of goods between the Vietnamese and Chinese people living on either side of the border areas. After a period of border conflict, the border gate has once again opened to traders and visitors of the two countries.