Cambodia Tours

Cambodia Tours

From sailing the Mekong Delta to exploring Angkor Wat; golfing in Siem Reap to trekking through the Cambodian jungle; adventure camping to cycling; from observing the Choeng Ek Killing Fields to relaxing on a romantic beach escape; or simply sightseeing - Cambodia is an amazing nation not to be missed. Short break or long tour, young adults, families, couples, and seniors will find a tour here to thrill and excite.

The itineraries provided are an example of our designated tours; we are pleased to custom design similar vacations with dates and activities to suit your personal preferences in Tailor Made Tours. Be aware that rates will frequently vary. Please contact us to get the best possible price based upon your travel period and specific touring needs. Everyday, MinMax Travel Co. Ltd - Vietnam Tourism Advisor - Vietnam Travel Company -Vietnam Travel Agency - Vietnam Tours - assists thousands of travellers to locate fabulous accommodations, plan relaxing vacations, and to pursue exciting adventures. To make reservations or check availability: Please contact Operators directly via the phone number displayed on our homepage and then sending us an enquiry!

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