Shopping in Quy Nhon

Shopping options are limited in Quy Nhon, but those who are determined to get a souvenir or two will not be disappointed. A shop tourists must visit is found in the Nguyen Nga Centre. The NNC is actually a charitable association that assists children with special needs and at this institution, the kids learn various skills, including sewing and embroidery. The handbags, pillow cases, handmade jewellery and other items made by the children are for sale with proceeds used to finance the centre.
Lon Market (or Cho Lon) is the city's central market. It is a large modern building with a courtyard, where fruits and vegetables are sold. Unfortunately, the original structure caught fire in 2006. Reconstruction of the 650-kiosk market has begun; while the construction continues, visitors can buy from the stalls set up by vendors in the blocks around the old site.
Those who are waiting for the new market should do their shopping in the Co-op Mart in the meantime. The huge shopping complex is essentially a supermarket, but almost everything can be purchased here.