Quy Nhon Restaurants/ Dining Scene

As a port city, Quy Nhon has a bountiful supply of seafood. Naturally, there are dining establishments that serve the best catch from the sea. In the restaurant named 2000, live seafood such as crabs and shrimp are placed in tanks and tubs in the downstairs dining room and this spot is best known for its excellent seafood hotpots. Dong is another seafood restaurant favoured by locals, a place where fresh scallops are available. Those who want more than seafood can head on over to Que Huong; a restaurant that serves seafood dishes as well as snake delicacies.
Tourists who want a taste of Vietnamese cuisine in Quy Nhon can go to Vespa Cafe and Tinh Tam. As the name suggests, Vespa Cafe has a scooter theme, and offers an artsy atmosphere and nice Vietnamese dishes to diners. Tinh Tam, located beside Long Khanh Pagoda, features hearty vegetarian meals on its menu.
Visitors who want a break from local specialities and rice dishes will surely appreciate Barbara's Kiwi Connection. A favourite of expats and backpackers, the establishment serves Western comfort food and international breakfasts. Meanwhile, those who crave burger and fries can visit Australia Bakery.