Trekking and cycling

Vietnam is ideal for long-distance cycling as much of the country is flat and the shortage of vehicles makes for light traffic. Caution is needed, however, especially on busier roads as traffic can be very undisciplined. Bicycle hire is widely available.
Vietnam, with spectacular mountains, valleys and primal forests, is now considered to be one of the most wonderful places in south-east Asia for such outdoor adventure activities including trekking and cycling. Moreover, travelling by foot or bicyle will be great choice for anyone who wants to see the country’s beauty and the daily life of local people.
When to go?
North Vietnam: September to December and April to MaySouth Vietnam: November to April next year
Places to go?
For casual cycling, destinations like Dalat , Hoi An , Hue and Phu Quoc are easy to get around and fun to explore, and renting a bicycle for a day or two is a popular option.
What to bring?
Bike Clothes:
- cycling gloves
- cycling shoes and socks
- helmet
- cycling jerseys.
- padded cycling shorts.
- sun glasses.
- waterproof jacket & pants
When not riding:
- spare shoes or sandals
- swimming suit.
- sun hat
- warm jacket (for mountain area).
Special notes
In Vietnam, keep the right-hand side of the road. Passing from the left side. Watch out before passing vehicles.For all of these trips, while you can do it on your own, it is recommended to use a tour operator to ensure that you have top-quality equipment, as well as a guide to help you find your way, arrange meals and accommodation, and smooth over language issues in remote areas.