“Don Ca Tai Tu”, a kind of music which played by amateur artists is a kind of Vietnamese’s ethnic music which is taken form and developed from the late 19th century. It is the resource of “Nha Nhac Cung Dinh Hue” (the music in Hue Court) and folklore. “Don Ca Tai Tu” is a specific folk art-form in the Southern Vietnam. It is an art in which music is played and sung by Southern commoners and young people after working hours. This kind of music appeared over one hundred years ago and was played with four musical instruments: Dan Nhi (Dan Co) (a sort of vertical violin with two strings) , Dan Kim (two chord guitar), Dan Tranh (16-chord zither), Doc Huyen Cam (monochord). “Don Ca Tai Tu” is often performed in the places with charming landscape, especially, when entering the hick waterways, audiences will be heard the smooth singing voice of the Western girls and amateurs captivating their heart in the river. “Don Ca Tai Tu” will impress visitors since the first time of enjoying, because it is the Southern cultural identity in Viet Nam.
Moreover, when arriving at Western Waterways, tourists can not only enjoy “ Don Ca Tai Tu” , but also hear “ Vong Co” which originated from “ Cai Luong” ( Reformist) – a kind of old music.. “Vong Co” songs often manifest humans’ feeling and thought such as happiness, sadness, ridicule, fun, etc. All moods are expressed in each word of the song.
“Tu la tu phu tuong
Bao kiem sac phong len dang
Vao ra luong trong tin chang
Nam canh mo mang
Em luong trong tin chang
Oi gan vang quan dau i...o..”
That is confidence of a woman who is waiting for news form her husband who has been joining in the army but has not returned yet.In addition to, visiting Mekong River Delta and sailing boat on the river or canals, tourists can hear a velvety voice of young man and woman in “Ho Nam Bo” which is the repartee between males and females. Ho Nam Bo is like a spiritual meal of people in the South Viet Nam.