Luong Spring Eco Tourism

Luong spring eco tourism is located in the Southern Hai Van Pass, Hoa Hiep Bac ward (Lien Chieu - Da Nang), it is far about 20 kilometers from Da Nang city to the Northwest. Here, you will have opportunity to sink in green forest space.

Luong spring eco-tourism has an area of 6 hectares; it is an ideal destination for unique architecture, which is converged the beautiful cultures of Vietnamese. Under the chain-bridge is Luong spring with the elephant, turtle, which are sculptured by handicrafts of Non Nuoc trade village.

Luong spring also has market, Co Tam Lake, traditional products as well as special cuisine such as: Quang noodle, banh duc, banh bot loc, banh xeo, banh nam… Especially, Luong spring eco-tourism has added adventure programs are: climbing and exploring Hai Van Son. These are two attractive programs for adventurers. Coming Luong spring eco-tourism, tourist will have chance to explore wonderful things that the Nature blesses or sink into fresh water to enjoy peaceful time.