Dien Hai citadel

Dien Hai citadel was built in 1813, near the Da Nang beach. In 1823, it was moved to mainland. In 1835, it was renamed into Dien Hai citadel. In 1847, Dien Hai citadel was expanded with Circumference of 556 meters, 5 meters height. It has 2 entrances, one faces to the South (the main entrance), and the other faces to the East. In the citadel, there has food, weapon and 30 big cannons. The citadel was built by bricks base one the Vauban design.
Currently, Dien Hai citadel relic is located at the Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau. The Western and Eastern wall still retain intactness. Recently, Dien Hai citadel relic has been remodeled. Dien Hai citadel marks the spirit of the Da Nang and people in whole nation against the French to protect independence, freedom of Vietnam. This place is important citadel that contributes to defeat the French in 1858-1860. Nguyen Tri Phuong general of army statue was built here to commemorate glorious historical period of the city.
Dien Hai citadel was ranked into historical relic on November 16th 1988 and was given relic stele stone on August 25th 1998. Today, there have some evidences of Dien Hai citadel on Ly Tu Trong Street and Thach Thang ward, Da Nang.