Ton Duc Thang Museum

Location: Ton Duc Thang Museum is located on No.5 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Characteristic: The Ton Duc Thang Museum was established on the occasion of the late President Ton Duc Thang's centennial birthday anniversary (August 20th, 1988).

It was established in the former residence of Tran Thien Khiem, Premier of the Saigon government prior to 1975. The exhibits are a lively reflection of the life and cause of President Ton Duc Thang. The museum has more than 600 items, documents and photos relating to the life of the later president, who is remembered as a great patriot and model fighter. President was the only Vietnamese who participated in the anti-war activities on a French warship on the Black Sea in 1917; these activities supported the success of the world's first proletarian revolution, the Russian October Revolution. He replaced President Ho Chi Minh in 1969.

Source: Vietnam Nation Administration of Tourism