Festivals in Lai Chau

Tourists in Vietnam travel can get memoriable experience when joining in festivals in Lai Chau province. Followings are two of famous festivals in Lai Chau:

Xen Muong Festival

Dragon day of the 2nd lunar month

Every year, residents in Muong Than Village, Than Uyeen District hold Xem Muong Festival to commemorate the village founders. The festival takes place on an area close to a stream. In addition to he ritual of offering buffalo, people can take part in traditional games and watch dancing performance.

Bambo sprout Festival

The Bamboo Sprout Festival of the Mang, Xa, Khang, Xing, Mun, La Hu and Kho Mu ethnic groups is generally held at the beginning of the rainy season when the young shoots begin to grow.

They organize these ceremonial festivities to wish for a good crop, benevolent rain and wind, a storehouse filled with rice and com, and happiness for everyone. The festival is also organized to thank the Genies of Heaven and Earth for all their generosity.