Lan Rung Resort & Spa

Were built since year 2008 and located on Bai Dua beach, Lan Rung Resort & Spa is proudly ranked as one of the most outstanding resorts of Vung Tau, sea tourism city. With open peaceful landscape, lush tropical garden and blue sea closely surrounding, it easily fascinates visitors.
Lan Rung Resort & Spa is also attractive by blending a modern Europe style with the enriched classical character, the complex with splendid external appearance and meticulously designed interior compositions.
With 80 meticulously designed rooms including two main areas Seaside (the sea) and Hillside (the hills) are opposite each other with all modern comforts from the Deluxe (luxury) to Suite (premium) for all travelers. Just open the window to welcome the wind and lean on the balcony to enjoy the sunrise, you will feel the serenity all around and find the peace in every moment.
Lan Rung Resort & Spa is brilliant with a private beach, fine sand and restaurant along beach where you feel the sparkling waves are crashing onto your feet and comfortably enjoy in private space with family and friends. Warm sunset dissolved feeling of cool seawater and enjoy fresh sea food as an unforgettable memories for visitors.
With the slogan: Enjoy Your Dream Space can be said that Lan rung Resort & spa truly bring you an experience of luxury life at your first arriving here.