Hoa Binh Information: How to get there, good to know

Hoa Binh is 74 kilometres away from Hanoi, with public buses regularly plying the route on a trip that takes about two hours. Since the buses are notoriously slow, most travellers opt to book their own transportation on a 4WD rental vehicle, with or without a driver. The main roads are nearly all paved yet still challenging to drive, and during the rainy season (May-September) you'll need to watch out for landslides. Mai Chau, located in the western part of Hoa Binh province, is 135 kilometres from Hanoi. There is no direct public transport connecting Mai Chau and Hanoi, but it's possible to take a bus to Tong Dau, and from there catch a taxi to Mai Chau village. More adventurous types choose to rent a motorbike, widely available in Hanoi, and enjoy an exciting ride along the northwest 'loop' from Mai Chau to Son La, then Dien Bien Phu, up to Lai Chau and Sapa, and back to Hanoi.