The Aqua Day Spa

The Aqua Day Spa is the first luxury Hotel Spa in Ho Chi Minh City. Positioned as a destination Day Spa, the Aqua Day Spa's concept is distinctively Vietnamese, both in design and services offered.
The Aqua Day Spa is a place so calming and serene that it changes you completely, emerging refreshed, revived, rejuvenated and inspired, whether you visit for an hour or stay for the day.
The Aqua Day Spa reflects a passion to provide an experience that others are unable to repeat. An escape from the bustling city outside, the Award winning Sheraton Saigon Hotel and Towers has created a private world of Asian grace, inspired by traditional healing techniques and a determination to create something rather exquisite on Level 5.
Located on level 5, the Aqua Day Spa is nestled between the 17 meter lap pool, purpose built sauna, fitness centre and poolside “Lifestyle” restaurant. 9 Spa suites, complete with showers, are available for individuals and double rooms are also offered to couples who wish to enjoy the experience together. Its interior is accented with natural charcoal stone, local timbers and earthy colors with showers reminiscent of a tropical downpour and stone baths to soak away the tension and stresses of every day life.
The Aqua Day Spa opens the door to an intimate private world dedicated to the restoration of the body, mind, and soul. Our philosophy is underpinned by a passion to inspire people to integrate wellbeing and beauty into their lives.
Spa designers TID Singapore understood the importance of ‘Feng Shui’, the Chinese art of determining the most appropriate design and placement of a structure to achieve maximum harmony. They needed to create a flow of energy between the Spa and the guests seeking rejuvenation and solitude. They therefore set about combining the needs of the Hotel and the space available, to complete this urban Spa setting. Their core philosophy was to design a space which would promote this balance to the mind and body, while integrating the facilities of an International Hotel.
The Aqua Day Spa restores strength, beauty, and balance through massage, and aromatherapy options. Exotic herbs, oils, and spices used in ancient Vietnamese healing therapies reawaken the senses, releasing tension and restoring vigor.
Of the many treatments available, guests can experience our Saigon Chakra hot stone massage that makes you balanced and revitalized for a maximum sense of well-being or experience the Aqua Stone Therapy that helps you to instantly relax and ease away stress.
Whichever your choice of treatment, ‘The Aqua Day Spa’, at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel and Towers promises to rescue you from the stresses of everyday life.