Tuong ( Vietnamese Classical Opera )

Hat tuong, the Vietnamese classical opera, (called Boi in the southern part of Vietnam) has been considered a specific traditional art on Viet Nam.
Tuong was formed in the 17th and became more common in 18th centuries. It has 500 years of history. Its stories are taken from the history and mythology of Vietnam and China. Originally a court art, hat tuong has been performed for popular audiences as well. Because of the popularity of more modern theatrical genres such as cai luong, hat tuong, which involves esoteric conventions and symbolic expressions, has declined in recent years. In Vietnam it is now primarily performed for tourists. In the United States, it is not performed at all.
Hat tuong is extremely difficult to perform and requires special training in the art form. It involves singing with distinctive vocal production techniques, symbolic gestures, and the use of props, and requires coordination with instrumental musicians.