Red-noodles with crab soup

Red-noodles with crab soup is a famous specialty from Haiphong city. Having breakfast at Haiphong, you should choose to enjoy delicious taste of red-noodles with crab (bánh đa cua).

It's not only a dish, it's a pride, a product of Hai Phong people that make visitors miss it when away. A musician wrote: "Hai Phong people are honest as red-noodles with crab.."

Noodle is made of rice only but red noodle needs spice like condensed red sugar. Powdered rice is proceed into flimsy sheets, heating on a steamer and put to dry in sunshine or by kiln heat. Then it's put to pressed and cut by machine. The thickness from 0,2 -1cm depends on customers demand. Dry noodle may be purchased at home, in the city or outside the city, so ride noodle and crab in Hải Phong become a must to try for visitors to the city.

Each bowl of crab-noodle has 5 colours: pink of crab, brown of rice-noodle, green of lốt leaves, spinach, onion leaves, lemon, red of chili and yellow of dried onion.

You can enjoy crab mixed red-noodles or noodles soup. Crab mixed red-noodles with peanuts, spinach, fried tofu, beef, sprouts bean, served with a small bowl of crab…