Jelly-fish salad

In the summer, tourists will have opportunity to enjoy jelly-fish salad. This is strange dish that is suitable in the hot season, just delicious and cheap. Jelly fish contains 95 percentage of water.
The jellyfish are cut into small pieces, washed in cold boiled water, and then mixed with cooked chicken or thin slices of pork, boiled eggs, chili, unripe mango, ground peanuts and mints. Ear jellyfish salad must be prepared by skillful hands. They are put in a bowl in layers until dry. Then they are covered by ground peanuts, thin slices of plantain, unripe mangoes, chili, mint and savory leaves. Now we have a delicious jellyfish salad. Jelly fish salad can use with rice of “banh trang gao”, ginger sauce and wine. Now, this dish has in the menu of some restaurant as specialty.