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Singapore’s Sentosa Island is a popular holiday destination, and MinMaxTravel has all you need for your Singapore holiday to this theme park island. Have a read through our Sentosa Travel Info to find professional Travel guides and tips for your visit to this island. For other destinations in Singapore, we also have a Central Travel Info, Changi Travel Info, Marina Travel Info, Chinatown Travel Info and Orchard Travel Info ready for you. Singapore is a modern city with plenty of attractions to keep you busy all day long; so make sure to check out our Singapore Travel Info for all necessary details for your Singapore vacation. We also have recommended Singapore Hotels and Sentosa hotels  with fantastic discount hotel rates.

Sentosa History
In the past, Sentosa was a quiet fishing village by the name Pulau Blankang Mati, which means “Island Behind Death” in Malay. During World War II, the British troops used the island as a military stronghold and set up Fort Siloso - which today is a well-known tourist attraction. Later on, the Japanese army invaded Singapore from the north, forcing the British military to retreat off the island. After the war, Sentosa returned to its British colony status. In 1967, the island was given to the new government of Singapore and then renamed “Sentosa” which is once again a Malay word meaning “peace”. In present days, Sentosa is a thriving tourist destination and a famous island retreat for busy Singaporeans. The island is also halfway through the construction of a Universal Studios Theme Park that is due to open in 2010.

Getting to Sentosa
Every traveler to Sentosa will have to pay $3 entry fee. The island is open to tourists 24/7, though many of the town’s attractions are not. There are 3 ways to enter this island, by car, bus or the Sentosa Express. Sentosa is only a 15-minute drive from the city center by car. Alternatively, travelers on a budget will simply take the North-East MRT from Harbor Front to Vivo City. After that, catch the Sentosa Express monorail to the island; the train sets off every 5-10 minutes between 7am and 11.45pm. The ticket is only $3 with island admission fee included. For those who want to see the views of Singapore and the island, there is the cable car service available to and from Sentosa.

Getting around Sentosa
Traveling around Sentosa by bus is convenient and free (this excludes taxis). There are three bus lines to various destinations around the island. Buses run from 7am to 11pm, Monday – Thursday, and from 7am to 12.30am on Fridays and Saturdays. There are many beautiful Sentosa beaches, and to get there is very easy. Beach trams run from Beach Station (Palawan Station), the last station of the Sentosa Express. The trams will take visitors to Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach.

Sentosa Hotels and Accommodations
Most Sentosa hotels are of a very high standard, with contemporary facilities and amenities to shape an ideal travel experience. There are also many budget Sentosa hotels for backpackers on offer. Complete your memorable Singapore travel on this modern island with Sentosa Hotels.

Sentosa Sports and Leisure Activities
Whether you travel on business or leisure, you will surely be satisfied by everything the island has to offer. Sentosa is an island teeming with activities and attractions. Once you set foot on it, be amazed by the beautiful greenery that blends perfectly with the exciting attractions. You can either simply laze on one of the island’s pristine beaches or explore town and get amazed by the abundance of sights to cover. Sports activities such as golfing, fishing volleyball and badminton are also available for the sports lover.

Sentosa Beaches
Sentosa is a modern island; however, you can still find a peaceful place to relax. There are three main beaches in Sentosa, which are Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach. All three beaches have easy access through the beach trams and take only a few minutes to get there from town.

Sentosa Sightseeing
Singapore’s largest offshore island is home to a large number of Sentosa sightseeing opportunities, including spectacular beaches and gardens. Taking a ride on the cable car to explore the scenic views of the harbor and the whole island is an exciting experience. Come to the tallest observatory tower in Singapore, the Sky Tower, where tourists can see the whole of Singapore as well as the neighboring countries Malaysia and Indonesia. You can also take a pleasant stroll around the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom and discover 50 different species of butterflies and over 2,000 species of rare insects found elsewhere in the world.

No trip to Sentosa is complete without visiting the famous Merlion, a fish headed lion statue standing 37 meters. After visiting the Merlion, continue with a leisurely stroll on Merlion Walk and enjoy the great views there.

Sentosa Shopping
Every corner of town is filled with souvenir shops and some supermarkets. The main shopping complex and Singapore’s largest shopping mall is Vivo City. To get there, simply catch a MRT and get off at Harbor Front Station. The area includes a wide selection of shops and designer boutiques, two enormous food courts and the city’s biggest organic supermarket. One thing you mustn’t miss to buy as a keepsake from Singapore is a Merlion plushy which of course can be purchased at any gift shop around town.

Sentosa Dining
There is a multitude of restaurants and cafes in Sentosa, selling mainly Chinese food and a number of international favorites such as Indian, Thai, Japanese and European. Generally, restaurants tend to be a bit pricey here. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, consider some local outlets or food chains in Vivo City Shopping Mall.

Sentosa Nightlife
Nightlife in Sentosa is mostly found around the Merlion Walk. You can enjoy an impressive show that will last long even after you return home at Songs of the Sea. This attraction is located near the Sentosa Express Beach Station. This monumental show is equipped with the newest technologies, water lasers, CGs and flame bursts that attracts visitors of all ages.

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