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Changi History
Changi was once a small village in the northeastern part of Singapore. The scenic beauty, unique architecture and tradition have drawn a number of tourists to visit Changi. The government of Singapore had taken steps to modernize and develop the place in order to promote tourism. With the construction of the modern Changi Airport made it even easier to travel to this area and made the town more well-liked by travelers from around the world.

Getting Around Changi
Often voted as one of the best airports in the world, Singapore’s Changi International Airport has numerous flights to and from other countries around the world. Tourists from Thailand and Malaysia can enter the city via train. Singapore avails two train services from the airport: the luxurious Eastern and Oriental Express and the KTM train from Malaysia. There are also many inexpensive buses in operation for tourists to travel around the city from the airport. From the airport, you can take the MRT to other places of interest in this bustling city.
Singapore has a modern and efficient Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail system, making Changi travel very convenient for tourists to and around town. Getting to the town’s attractions and beaches, you can simply take the bus from Changi Village bus terminal to Changi Beach at Telok Paku Road. There is also a walkway to the nearby Changi Beach Park, where tourist can enjoy a leisure stroll and explore the beautiful sceneries of the nearby islands.

Changi Hotels and Accommodations
There is a wide selection of hotels and Changi discount rooms. From five-star luxury Changi hotels with the full range of amenities to inexpensive Changi accommodation. Have a go at our Changi discount hotel rates, with marvelous recommendations for our Changi hotels. Check out for your ideal hotel room to complement your Singapore holiday here in Changi. Changi is safe and perfectly situated near the airport and the city center.

Changi Leisure Activities
Changi offers a host of entertainment and activities for travelers to enjoy. Beach lovers will definitely gather around the eastern shore of town. The East Coast Park is very popular with Singaporeans, especially on weekends. The powdery sand and clear waters here are excellent for a family trip. For an exceptional experience, head to Pulau Ubin Island on the eastern shore. To get there, hop on a bumboat at Changi Village and enjoy a pleasurable 10-minute ride to the island. The area is perfect for jungle trekking and biking and there is a range of local restaurants around the island as well.

Changi Sightseeing
There aren’t many attractions directly in Changi. However, some interesting Changi sightseeing places are concentrated around the nearby Arab Street and Geylang Serai. These areas can be packed during Ramadan, so make sure you book your Changi hotel room in advance. For other interesting sights, head to the famous Changi Chapel and Museum near the Tampines MRT station. The place is a memorial of the Japanese Occupation during the Second World War and ia famous for its beautiful wall paintings. Malay Village takes travelers back in time to the 1950s and allows them to enjoy the local Malay culture and lifestyle. Located in the center of Geylang, this area offers a number of fascinating cultural sights that one should not miss, such as the Cultural Museum, the Bridal Chamber, the Muslim Showcase and the Geylang Serai Corner.

Changi Shopping
The best shopping experience in Changi is probably at the airport. Changi Airport Shopping City is Singapore’s premier shopping mall. It offers some delicious cuisine and a world class duty-free shopping with a wide variety of retail shops and food outlets. Outside the airport, some authentic shopping can still be done at the souvenir and merchandise shops around Changi Village.

Changi Dining
The local eateries are perfect to enjoy diverse cuisine. Travelers can sample some great food almost everywhere in town. Some dishes that one should try are chilli crab, roti prata and Singapore’s national dish, katong laksa (noodles with shrimp and fish cake). The alley of restaurants, food stalls and food shops are the main places to spend time during your visit. Most Changi dining places usually start around 10am and remain open until midnight.
A famous attraction for Changi is the hawker center, a place where numerous stalls can be found. Food stalls here sell superb wanton (fritters) and some refreshing drinks that are recommended by many TV programs in Singapore.

Changi Nightlife
Nightlife in Changi is pretty simple, with only a few bars and clubs with friendly atmosphere in the East Coast Park and some in the East Coast area.

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