Haiphong’s cuttle fish ball - a tasty seafood speciality

The mother of nature favours Haiphong with Cat Hai - Cat Ba island of abundant seafood sources, including fresh cuttle fish. The dish made ​​from squid is quite diverse as boiled, steamed, fried, deep-fried etc. Sun-dried cuttle fish can be broiled and shredded to eat with chili sauce, or mingled with pureed lean pork to make a special course, so-called Cha chia. Above all, cuttle fish ball is believed to be the most extraordinary dish.
In order to make the food, fresh cuttle fish is cleaned by peeling off the skin and sepiabone, then washed and chopped. Hence, the white pieces are spiced with pepper, salt, spring onion, dill, laksa leaves and crushed. When all are done scrutinizely to be come a sticky thick mixture, the cook makes the flat ball by his hands, then drop into a pan of boiling oil. For the best balls, they are stirred well to be golden all over with mouth-watering smell of fresh cuttle fish and spices. People enjoy the food in different ways such as with chili sauce or fish sauce, lemon, garlic, and fresh chilli.