Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Province is the hub of Thailand’s northern region. It is also the largest and most culturally important city of the northern region. It is located on Ping River valley and amidst the highest mountain in the country which result in low temperature during the cool season in comparison to other regions in Thailand.

Its abundance of natural resources brings about a number of spectacular tourist destinations. Alongside, the rich and indigenous cultural identity and traditions reflect the charm of the region namely diverse dialects, cuisine, handicrafts, festivals and architecture. Meanwhile, Chiang Mai is also a vibrant and modern city.

The city is home to over 300 temples dating as far back as the 13th century. Within half an hour's drive in every direction there are also museums, ancient ruins, national parks, waterfalls, mountain trails, and other unique and beautiful attractions. It is almost impossible to tire of its multitude of eclectic delights as Chiang Mai offers something for everyone from nature lovers, culture vultures, adrenalin junkies to those who just wish to lie back in a luxurious spa and be pampered.

Food: Food stalls to haute cuisine.

Chiang Mai has an astonishing number of restaurants from spicy simple Thai food to fancy French fare. The choices are endless…if you dine at different restaurants three meals per day in Chiang Mai you may never cover all of the city's huge number ofrestaurants – there are thousands. Lanna, Thai and South East Asian cuisine, subtle French, generous German, stylish Japanese, hearty British as well as some innovative and exciting fusion cuisines which are offered at varying prices ranges, ambiances and locations throughout the city.

With such choice among the city's numerous and delicious restaurants, from street stalls to hotel dining, Chiang Mai offers food lovers and diners an epicurean feast with its wonderful selection of restaurants from every corner of the globe at prices ranging from the absurdly cheap to the frightfully expensive.


Chiang Mai is a virtual labyrinth of spectacular shops. From cheap goods, beautiful handmade products and art, to fake brand names. The bustling Night Bazaar is the best place to go for souvenirs; Hang Dong the destination for design and craft products; Nimmanhaemin's boutiques offer stylish home décor and fashion and the shopping malls are full of knickknacks and other goodies. Basically there is something for everyone here.