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Perlis lies at the northwestern tip of the Malay Peninsula; bounded by Thailand in the north, and by Kedah to the east and south. Its western coastline borders the Straits of Melaka. It measures approximately 810 sq km and has a population of 217,480. The state capital is Kangar while Arau, 10km away, is the Royal town.

Although small in size, Perlis is not without its attractions, foremost among which is its serene beauty. Perlis, too, abounds with rustic rural scenes and rolling green fields of padi.

January to April the weather is generally warm and dry. Days are hot and windy but nights can become cold towards dawn. September to December is wet. The average annual rainfall is between 2,000 ml and 2,500 ml (80" to 100") and humidity is high throughout the year. Temperature varies little the year round, ranging from 21° C to 32° C.

1. Attractions

Kangar, 45km northwest of Alor Setar, is the state capital of Perlis. It is a quiet modern town and serves more of a stopover to other places of interest in Perlis.
Syed Alwi mosque. Located at Jln Kangar, this attractive mosque was built in 1910, it features Malay and Islamic architecture.
It has many restaurants and shops near the bus station where you can have a meal and relax.

Kuala Perlis: Located at the estuary of Sungai Perlis, about 13km form Kangar, it is a fishing town known for its grilled fish, assam laksa and fresh seafood. There are opportunities to watch spectacular sunsets or the fishermen returning with their catch. The older part of town has interesting houses and mosques built on stilts over the mangrove swamps. Kuala Perlis is one of the two major departure points for the Langkawi Island, Penang as well as Phuket Island. Ferries to Kuah, Pulau Langkawi, leave hourly between 8am and 6pm. Private car parks are located between the jetty and the bus station.

Badang Besar: Located at the Malaysia Thailand border, the town is a favourite shopping place for the locals as it is filled with duty-free shops, textiles, clothing, handicraft, foodstuff, fruits and souvenirs. It is also a major stopover along the rail route between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Taman Negara Perlis  The small state park of Taman Negara Perlis in the northwest of Perlis runs along the Thai border, covering about 5000 hectares. It comprises the Nakawan Range –the longest continuous range of limestone hills in Malaysia, and the Mata Air and Wang Mu Forest Reserves. It is an area rich in wildlife.

Gua Kelam (Cave of Darkness): Gua Kelam is a 370m cave situated in a limestone hill 1km walk from Kaki Bukit. The cave got its name due to its location in Kaki Bukit and the darkness that frequently envelopes the cave.  To travel into the cave, there is a suspension bridge that runs the entire length of it. A stroll through this cavern with its enchanting dim light you can hear a river running through the cave and it emerges in a cascade at a swimming spot. Admission is RM1. 9am-6pm. There is a 2km jungle trek near the mouth of the cave going through some steps and crossing over the hill over the other side.

Snake Farm:  If you would like to carry a python and see some other interesting snakes and reptiles, head to the Snake Farm located at Sungai Batu Pahat. It is about 10km north of Kangar and is the only snake farm in Malaysia. There are over 150 snakes and 34 different species. 25 species are local snakes and 9 from out of Malaysia. There are a few snake handlers who will assist you with handling of snakes or put up a show in the mini theater. Admission for Adult/Child is RM2/RM1. Sat – Thurs. 9am-5pm. Fri 9am-12.15pm, 2.45pm-6pm. Tel: 604-9768511.

Bukit Ayer: Situated 13 km from Kangar just a few kilometers from the Snake Farm. This is a recreational forest with waterfalls and clean rivers, creating a pleasing atmosphere. There is a pool for children to swim and a places for picnicking. Well-defined paths allow easy access through the park where the sights and sounds of tropical rainforest await visitors.

Tasik Melati (Melati Lake): Located 8km north of Kangar, Tasik Melati is a small but attractive lake. It is quite shallow and has 150 sandbar islands reachable by boat. There is a concrete walkway on the lake which brings you closer to the clear water and floating lotus. With the limestone hill background, it is an a ideal place to relax, walk about or do some boating. There is also a 3km jungle trek from Tasik Melati to Bukit Pelarit for viewing the local flora and fauna.
Wang Kelian State Park  & Gua Wang Burma: This state park lies in Mata Air Forest Reserve, covering 1,000 hectares. It is a place rich in natural flora and fauna. There is a 6km jungle trek from the camp site leading to the Gua Wang Burma, an intriguing limestone formation. Further up to the top lies the Malaysia/Thailand border. Other attractions include the Wang Kelian Sunday Market, which straddles the Malaysia-Thailand border. Vendors from both countries sell their wares and a passport is not needed, provided you remain in the market area. It is opened everyday. To get here, from Kangar town, drive north towards Kaki Bukit and follow the sign to the state park. All visitors must register at the Park Visitor Centre and pay RM2. Visitor Centre opens from Mon- Fri, 9am-12pm, 2pm-4pm.

Homestays in Perlis
Stay in a traditional Malay home instead of a hotel and get a feel of the kampung (village life)

2.Things to do

- Park Visitor Centre
The Centre has an display on Perlis State Park and audio-visual facilities. An interpretative nature trail is also being developed at the Centre. Visitors to Wang Burma Cave and Gunung Perlis can book guides here.
- Tasik Meranti & Lata Kasih
This lake is located in a scenic valley surrounded by limestone hills. Kayaking facilities are available. Lata Kasih is a charming waterfall that is easily accessible.
- Gua Wang Burma
This is an adventure cave with interesting limestone formations. Visitors to the cave must be accompanied by a guide.
-  Gunung Perlis
This is the northern-most point in Peninsular Malaysia. The trek up this mountain is challenging and takes about 3-5 hours for a reasonably fit person. A guide is required

Heritage Trail
This is an old footpath that used to be the only link between the two old communities of Kampung Wang Kelian and Kaki Bukit Town. This trail has significant historical and botanical values. A nice cycle circuit follows the heritage trail and returning via the watchtower back to the park.

The watchtower along Route R15 to Wang Kelian offers a superior view of the surrounding countryside, Timah-Tasoh lake and Bukit Chabang, Perlis’ twin peaks.

3.Culture Heritage

For leisure, the people of Perlis enjoy a variety of activities ranging from traditional dances to traditional games and pastimes handed down through generations. "Tarian Canggung" and "Tarian Ayam Didik" are examples of dances and equally irresistible feet stomping may still be seen today.

Tarian Canggung, a traditional dance, was brought from early historical times, and performed by the people as a form of celebration after harvest time. In fact, it is the people's dance where singing and exchanges of words in stanzas (called 'berbalas pantun') are freely and jestingly called for to the accompaniment of music.
Tarian Terinai, is yet another dance and musical presentation, performed specifically during a royal ceremony. The musical accompaniment is usually provided by the beating of Gendang Terinai (drums), normally performed by five musicians.

Awang Batil is akin to a 'story-teller' who tells of the glory and richness of life of the people of olden times. In a sense, Awang Batil is not much different from the minstrels of old England. Awang Batil is an expert with words, albeit colloquial, and as he proceeds with his story he beats a small drum and plays a tune on his flute as and when the story line demands. Such a presentation was normal during a big feast and during one form of festivity or another in times gone by.

Seni Silat is the traditional Malay art of self-defense. It has become an integral part of an official function as it is also performed by individuals, singly or as a team, as part of the festivities associated with the function. Silat takes on various forms, depending on the origin, body thrusts and artistic representations.


Perlis offers a delightful variety of ethnic cuisine. A fusion of Malay, Chinese, Thai and Indian aromas waft continuously through the air. Western fare is also available in hotels and cafes. All major towns are within 20 kilometers of the sea making fresh seafood easily available. 'Laksa Perlis' is a home made seafood noodle soup. Its ingredients can be combined according to your preference. The thick, rich, spicy and creamy fish gravy is exhilarating to the palate.

The choice of eating places ranges from hawker centers to air conditioned restaurants and luxury hotels. The prices are very reasonable and the service friendly and courteous.

Farmers Market
The farmers' market is held in designated locations around the state. Farmers and vendors sell a variety of fresh produce, fruit, vegetables, fish and prawns as well as non-agricultural goods.

Night market
The Pasar Malam or Night Market offers a fiesta-like atmosphere and business is usually brisk as early as five o'clock in the evening. Pasar Malam are held usually on open ground or alongside roads which have been approved by the authorities. The Pasar Malam sells everything imaginable - clothing, cooked food, hardware, clocks, watches, shoes, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meats, household goods and electrical wares.
The market is held at a different location each night of the week.

Things to eat: Harumanis, Ikan Baka, Restoran Tok Mek, Pokok Sawa, Restoran Nasi Kanda Pokok Petai

5.Hotels & Accomodations

Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar
Address | Lot 8101, Persiaran Wawasan, Kangar, 01000 Kangar, Perlis.
Phone | +604-977 1777
Fax | +604-9772777
Putra Palace Hotel
Address | 135, Persiaran Jubli Emas Kangar, 01000 Kangar, Perlis.
Phone | +604-976 7755
Fax | +604-976 1049
Putra Brasmana Hotel
Address  | Jalan Kuala Perlis, 02000 Kuala Perlis.
Phone  | +604-985 5900
Fax  | +604 985 2900
Kuala Perlis Seaview SDN.BHD
Address | No.1 Persiaran Putra Timur, Kuala Perlis,  Perlis.
Phone | +604-985 2171 / 2148
Sri Garden Hotel
Address  | No. 96 Persiaran Jubli Emas, 01000 Kangar, Perlis.
Phone  | +604-985 5900
Fax  | +604 985 2900
Federal Hotel Kangar
Address | 104 A&B  JALAN KANGAR, 01000 KANGAR , Perlis , Malaysia
Phone | +604-976 6288
Hotel Malaysia
Address  | 65-67, Jalan Jubli Perak, Kangar. 01000 Kangar, Perlis.
Phone  | +604-976 1366 / 976 1387
Hotel Ban Cheong SDN.BHD
Address  | No. 79 & 79-A, Jalan Kangar, Perlis.
Phone  | +604-976 1184

6.Getting there

- By Air: There is no direct air service to Perlis. Visitors have to fly into Alor Setar and from there take a taxi to Kangar. The drive takes about 45 minutes.
Note: At the Alor Setar Airport, the normal taxi fare is approximately RM35 per vehicle.

- By Car : Located at the northern-most edge of Peninsula Malaysia, the state of Perlis is easily accessible via the North-South Highway, which links Kangar, the state capital of Perlis, to Kuala Lumpur.

- By Bus : You can get to Kangar using several interstate, air-conditioned bus services such as Transnasional (Tel: 603-20703300) and Sutera Express (Tel: 03-20267199) departing from the Puduraya bus station in Kuala Lumpur. These buses will stop at the Express Bus Station on Jalan Bukit Lagi in Kangar.
Kangar Bus Station
No. 9A, Hentian Jalan Bukit Lagi
Tel: 04-9765281, 04-9772078

- By Rail
Mode    Route    Day Operation    *Fare
Ekspres Langkawi KTMB    Kuala Lumpur to Arau    9.15pm - 6.25am    1st Class (Bed) RM70 per person
Arau to Kuala Lumpur    8.10pm - 5.10am   

- By ferry: Ferry boats provide scheduled crossings between Kuala Perlis and Langkawi. The fare varies from RM12 to RM15 per adult. The journey takes an hour to reach Kuah Jetty.
For the Kuala Perlis-Langkawi service, the first ferry of the day leaves for Kuah Jetty in Langkawi at 9.00am, and the last ferry leaves at 2.15pm. The last ferry back to Kuala Perlis leaves at 4.00pm.
There are four ferry service operators, namely Kuala Perlis Langkawi Ferry Service Sdn Bhd, LADA Holdings Sdn Bhd, Samavest Sdn Bhd and Water Tour Development Sdn Bhd.

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