10 Reasons to Visit Sapa, Vietnam

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10 Reasons to Visit Sapa, Vietnam

1,500 meters above sea level is one of Vietnam’s most unique and memorable travel destinations: Sapa. With stunning natural scenery, colorful local cultures, endless outdoor attractions and a climate unlike any other in Vietnam, travelers visiting this northern mountain hub will feel like they’ve entered into an entirely different country. Not sure if you can make it to Sapa during your tours of Vietnam? Here are ten reasons to convince you to go!

10. The Landscape: After hopping off the train from Hanoi and driving between Lao Cai and Sapa, visitors will immediately experience the natural splendor of the area. Giant mountain peaks, quaint country villages and surreal terraced rice paddies illustrate the cruise up, immediately making your overnight train trip well worth the travel time. Once you make it to Sapa, your entire stay will be filled with stunning mountain views, panoramic vistas, rushing mountain rivers and the iconic hillside rice fields- truly a photographers dream!

9. The Locals: Sapa is inhabited by a number of Ethnic Minorities (H’mong, Dao, Giay, Tay and many more). Almost all local minority peoples lead traditional lives in the countryside of Sapa, observing age-old farming, cultural and religious practices, sticking true to their ancient customs. Many of our tours of Sapa offer great insight into the lives of these local minorities, some even spending a night in their modest homestays!

8. The Trekking: Sapa is home to some of the best trekking in all of Vietnam. Indochina’s tallest peak (Mount Fansipan- 3,143 meters) is located here, and visitors can take a 2-3 day camping/trekking trips to reach the summit. Other light hikes are available all throughout the town, including local minority village visits, treks through the iconic tiered rice fields and much more.

7. The Climate: If you’re getting a bit worn down from the heat of Vietnam, Sapa may be your dream destination. With four distinct seasons (sometimes you can experience 4 seasons in one day!), this is the perfect spot to escape the heat and humidity that much of the rest of Vietnam battles with.

6. The Shopping: Sapa’s local handicrafts are some of the most unique purchases in the country. Not only are they colorful, top-quality, handmade goods- but purchasing them helps support local ethnic communities who make a living off producing these crafts. From traditional clothes and bags to calendars, coin purses and wall hangings- you’ll definitely be able to find that cool Vietnam souvenir here!

5. The Peace and Quiet: Many of Sapa’s hotels and lodges are located well out of the way from the hustle and bustle of downtown. If you’re looking to get some R&R during your time in Vietnam, Sapa may be the perfect place to do so. Watching the sun rise and set over skyscraping mountain peaks, lush forests and terraced rice fields, what else could you ask for?

4. The Trip Out: Almost all trips out to Sapa start with a train ride from Hanoi. Riding the overnight express, visitors will have a chance to meet and befriend locals (many Vietnamese head to Sapa on holiday as well), learn a bit about Vietnamese culture and experience one of the most enjoyable means of travel in Vietnam. There’s often a party going on with other Vietnamese tourists, so introduce yourself, grab a beer and join in on the “mot, hai, ba, YO” cheers!

3. Side Trips: Your time in Sapa shouldn’t just be spent in the downtown area and surrounding villages! A number of unique day trips are available to destinations such as the Cat Cat Village (home to the Black H’Mong), Lao Chai and Ta Van Villages (home to the H’mong and Dzay peoples). Combining stunning sites with local cultural experiences, day trips out here are some of the most memorable excursions in Sapa!

2. The Mountain Town Experience: There’s nothing quite like relaxing by a warm fire after a long day’s hike, sipping a delicious coffee on a cool mountain morning or meeting up with fellow travelers and trekkers in a rustic restaurant or pub… Sapa truly is a traditional mountain town! You’ll love the laid back yet hospitable vibe of this magical Vietnamese locale.

1. The Adventure: Making the long trip out to Sapa removes you from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and the other major city/tourist destinations of the country. A few days’ visit to Sapa is truly an adventure in itself, with excellent activities, food, drinks, lodging, cultural experiences and so much more!

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